Spring and Fall Clean up Service in Knox County Ohio

Spring is a good time to take care of the yards, since the lawn needs attention after the cold season ends. During the spring, the extra attention can help keep the grass healthy, so that it can stay green and grow throughout the hot weather months.

Spring lawn care, landscaping and mowing will depend on the types of grass growing in the yard. Some types of grass will grow moderately in the spring. These grasses will require care during the spring to strengthen them for the summer heat. Knowing the difference between the grass types can help individuals know when lawn care is needed.

1280px-FlowerBedA good clean up can encourage the grass to grow, and it will discourage diseases and pests. However, the soil should be dry before starting the clean up to prevent compacting the soggy soil and damaging new grass growth. Start cleaning by removing fallen debris and leaves from the yard. The grass shoots can be separated by gently raking the lawn to fluff it up.

Spring is a good time to control the weed growth. Applying a weed control product can help prevent weeds from taking over the lawn, and all types of grass can benefit from weed control during the spring. Most products work for around three months, so another application will not be needed until the summer months. However, if the lawn needs seeding due to bare spots, a weed control product cannot be used. Since the herbicide products last for several months, the spring planting season will be missed if the weed control is used. Therefore, gardeners will need to decide which they need the most.

Since the grass blades do better when they are cut about a third of the blade’s length, lawn care landscaping and mowing should begin as soon as the lawn needs cutting. The lawn equipment should be tuned up by sharpening the blade to make the mowing easier.

Start watering the grass as soon as it starts growing. The cold air dries the plants and grass. Therefore, the lawn needs at least an inch of water each week to thrive. In addition, the lawn may need to be fertilized. However, be careful not to fertilize it too heavily, since a spring fertilizing can encourage rapid growth. The tender growth will not be able to survive the summer heat. A lawn that is in poor shape can be fertilized lightly during the spring to help it start growing properly. A lawn that is properly cared for during the spring will benefit by producing a beautiful lawn that can survive throughout the long, hot months.