Mulching Service in Mount Vernon,
Gambier and Knox County Ohio

Spring is an excellent time to perform landscaping projects, and this includes mulching around flower beds. There are several advantages to doing this at the beginning of the mowing season rather than waiting until late spring or early summer.

The biggest advantage to mulching in spring is weed control. Lawn care becomes especially burdensome once weeds begin to grow in a garden, and spring is when these weeds normally start to develop. Mulch helps control weed growth, so placing it in a flower bed before they begin to take root can save homeowners countless hours of work later down the road.

Keeping the soil around flowers moist is also a concern that can be addressed with the right kind of mulch. Landscaping with mulch helps a garden retain moisture, which means that plants will not need to be watered as often. For best results, individuals should add mulch in spring so that as much moisture as possible can be retained before any summer droughts arrive.

Some plants need to be protected from intense sunlight, and mulch can be beneficial in providing protection for their roots. The best results can be obtained when mulch is added in spring before temperatures get too hot and cause new seedlings to burn up.

Mulching flower beds in spring can also help with your mowing projects. During the winter, a yard may have become a bit unruly, making it difficult to tell where grassy areas end and a flower garden begins. When people take the time to mulch their flower beds, they will be able to define these boundaries better. This means they won’t mow over the top of new bulbs that are just sprouting through the earth’s surface when they cut their grass for the first time.

Adding mulch is an ideal part of spring landscaping because it helps spruce up one’s yard. Spring is when many homeowners decide to perform major cleanup projects including hauling off debris and removing weeds. One of the best ways to finish off a cleanup project is by adding mulch, as this gives a garden a polished look and helps cleanup efforts stand out to passers-by.

Lawn care in the spring should ideally include mulching around flower beds. There are numerous advantages to performing this task now rather than waiting until summer arrives. Since it’s also much cooler outside, mulching in spring can be easier to accomplish during this time as well.