Leaf Removal Service in Mount Vernon, Gambier and Knox County, Ohio

For anyone who owns a property that has a lawn in an area where snow falls during the winter months, the raking up and proper disposal of leaves is a concern. Getting rid of leaves in the fall before the cold temperatures and precipitation of the winter months arrive is important for a number of reasons.

To start, the last weeks leading up to when the first snow falls in an area are often some of the best for grass to grow. Any lawn can use all the additional growth it can get before covering snows come, as it makes the grass more healthy and strong in the spring. When leaves are not cleaned up before winter comes, these precious weeks of extra growth are eliminated because the sun is being blocked from the grass due to leaf coverage.

In addition to this, when snow is piled on top of leaves, it can oftentimes cause rotting over the winter and in the spring when things begin to thaw out. This rotting of the leaves can do a lot of damage to grass, and even make it so sections of a person’s lawn need to be completely seeded again with grass seed. This can negatively affect the physical appearance of any lawn during the spring and summer months, and is why so many lawn care, landscaping and mowing businesses that offer leaf clean up services stress the importance of such services in the fall.

Aside from a person’s lawn being damaged, removing leaves in the spring that have been covered under snow for several months is much more difficult than cleaning them up in the fall. Raking leaves during the spring can be very time consuming, as the leaves are moist and heavy, meaning that they have to be cleaned up very carefully as to not disturb the lawn underneath them.

Overall, cleaning up leaves in the fall before the arrival of winter is a much better option than waiting until spring. Doing so can prevent the loss of healthy grass over the winter, as well as make things much easier when spring does roll around. While cleaning up leaves can take quite a bit of effort, especially on large properties, there are companies that do lawn care landscaping and mowing, along with leaf removal that can take care of such a job quickly and professionally. This is why many people choose to hire such a company to take care of their leaves for them when the time comes.